Lending a Hand for Healthier Hearts at This Weekend’s Heart Walk

As a lead-up to this weekend’s Central Ohio Heart Walk, Community Choice Financial associates have raised more than $55,000 for the American Heart Association, double the company’s commitment.

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This press release gives official information about Community Choice Financial’s involvement in the Central Ohio Heart Walk.

Help Find a Cure For Diabetes and Breast Cancer

Cure diabetes and cancer

Two of the most common causes of early death in the United States are diabetes and breast cancer. Every year there are individuals and businesses across the country that help raise money to combat these deadly diseases, including Checksmart’s very own Dee and Robin Grenko.

Fighting Breast Cancer

Dee Grenko is a breast cancer survivor, and now she’s doing her part to help other women out there by raising money and running in the 2014 Tri For The Cure. In addition to her own fight, Dee and her husband know many other women who are battling breast cancer, and they are passionate about funding research for a cure.

Every year 40,000 women die of breast cancer in the United States alone. You can help combat this tragic disease if you donate to the fight against breast cancer today.

Fighting Diabetes

Along with his wife Dee, Checksmart’s Robin Grenko is also raising money for diabetes research through the annual Phoenix Tour de Cure, in which he rides his bike 100 miles. Robin lost his mother to diabetes, and has decided to do his part to help eradicate the disease.

Over 23 million Americans suffer from diabetes, meaning that many of us have someone close to us who is affected by it. You can help all of those fighting by donating to help eliminate diabetes today.

Community Choice Financial Raises $170,000 for Volunteers of America

CCFI Gives $170,000 to Volunteers of America

Community Choice Financial recently donated $170,000 to the 2013 Volunteers of America Helping Hands Campaign. The money raised will benefit Greater Ohio as well as 12 other Volunteers of America affiliates throughout the United States.

Volunteers of America is a non-profit organization that offers assistance to those in need to help rebuild their lives. The organization has helped at-risk youth, the elderly, the homeless, people with disabilities, and men and women recovering from addiction.

Community Choice Financial is dedicated to giving back to the community in a variety of ways. Here are just a few of the many worthy causes that we have supported.

  • In September 2013, the CCFI West Coast Senior Management team participated in the Ragnar Relay. The 200-mile relay race is held in 15 different locations throughout the country. Money raised from the event benefitted KEEN. Kids Enjoy Exercise Now (KEEN) is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to offering recreational opportunities for children and young adults with developmental disabilities.
  • CCFI’s Joe Weir took part in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night Walk. The LLS helps fund cancer research and provide patients with financial assistance.
  • CheckSmart held their first Bike Show on UT-186 in Salt Lake City. In addition to educating the public about motorcycle title loans, the event also supported Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA). BACA assists children who are abused by offering a safe environment.

Community Choice Financial is also known for providing a variety of financial services throughout the United States at businesses such as CheckSmart, California Check Cashing Stores, and First Virginia. Some of the services offered at CCFI stores nationwide include, but are not limited to:

  • Check cashing
  • Money transfers
  • Payday loans
  • Title loans
  • Prepaid cards

Community Choice Financial is proud to support the Volunteers of America Helping Hands Campaign on other initiatives in Ohio and beyond.

Light the Night Walk Strives to Find a Cure for Leukemia, Lymphoma, and Myeloma

Walk to End Leukemia

Each year, thousands of people in the United States are diagnosed with leukemia, lymphoma, or myeloma. People like CCFI’s very own Joe Weir are stepping up and making a difference in their community by raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The Light the Night Walk is an event where families, friends, and coworkers team up to raise money along with retailers collecting donations. Across North America, nearly 200 different communities hold Walk events that benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

On average, each participant raises about $220 to help this worthy cause. This night of inspirational events features a leisurely walk, and the Champions for Cures release illuminated balloons. The white balloons are for survivors, the red are for supporters, and the gold are in memory of those who have passed away from the disease.

The money raised by teams and individuals go to several important areas. It helps fund lifesaving cancer research and allows the LLS to provide patients with financial assistance as well as offer free educational materials and events. Money also goes to organizations like the Patti Robinson Kaufmann First Connection program and Family Support Groups. In addition, funds generated from the Light the Night Walk assist with advocacy for healthcare reform and better treatment along with comprehensive assistance via their Information Resource Center.

If you would like to support Joe Weir in his efforts to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night Walk, be sure to visit his fundraising page to make a contribution. Here you can make an online donation quickly and securely. Please help Joe make a difference in the lives of those fighting blood cancer today!

CCFI is in Need of Volunteers For the American Heart Association’s Heart and Stroke Walk

Positive young women getting ready for the American Heart Association Heart Walk

Community Choice Financial is looking for 30 walkers to participate in the American Heart Association’s 2013 Heart and Stroke Walk. The event, which takes place on October 12, 2013 at Toro County Park, raises money to help in the fight against cardiovascular diseases.

Every year due to lack of funding, the American Heart Association has to reject innovative research projects that could potentially save lives. Your support could help to change this. Not only does the American Heart Association contribute to valuable cardiovascular research, they are also leading an initiative called “My Heart. My Life.” that is dedicated to improving the health of Americans.

Registering for this event is quick and easy. Simply visit the Community Choice Financial page and click “register.” Here you can also find out more information about the event itself and how close we are to meeting our fundraising goal. We ask that those who register donate $25 toward their personal walker goal.

If you are not able to volunteer or become a team captain, you can still help support this worthy cause. If everybody makes a small contribution, we can make a significant difference in the battle against cardiovascular disease and the effort to create a healthier America.

The American Heart Association is the largest voluntary health organization focused on eliminating and preventing cardiovascular disease, stroke, and heart disease. These devastating diseases claim over 800,000 American lives each year. Those who donate, volunteer, or participate in Heart and Stroke Walks throughout the United States such as the one at Toro County Park are essential in helping the American Heart Association achieve their mission.

We have two teams for this event: Team Seaside582 and Team Salinas554. We would greatly appreciate your participation or contributions. Sign up or place your donation today!

Raising Money For Kids While Competing: The Ragnar Relay

The Ragnar run is a great way to help kids

On the weekend of September 21, the CCFI West Coast Senior Management team competed for the first time in the Ragnar Relay, running 200 miles from San Francisco to Napa, California. This year’s Ragnar Relay helped raise money for kids through the organization KEEN (Kids Enjoy Exercise Now).

What is the Ragnar Relay?

The Ragnar Relay is a 200-mile relay race that takes place at 15 different locations throughout the United States. Each team includes 12 runners (or 5 additional runners to form an “ultra team”), who travel in a couple of vans and tag team race non-stop, day and night, all the way to the finish. There’s only ever one runner hitting the pavement at any time, and each participant takes 3 runs, which vary in length between 3-8 miles.

The CCFI Senior Management Team

Our hard-working team made it all 200 miles on the weekend of September 21 through the combined efforts of each individual: Josh Beatty, Jen Fisher, Rebecca Fox, Robin Grenko, Mayra Ochoa, Janell Higgins, 5 friends, and driver Sandy Ottosen, who was still recovering from knee surgery.

The team made the trek through treacherous conditions, day and night, through heavy rain and blazing temperatures, and finished in just 32 hours. The team was a mix of advanced runners to adventurous novices who were on their first race, and together they succeeded and raised money for KEEN.

About the Charity

KEEN (Kids Enjoy Exercise Now) is a national non-profit organization led by volunteers that gives recreational opportunities to children and young adults with a variety of physical and developmental disabilities. Services provided through KEEN are free to the caregivers and families of the children. The goal of KEEN is to help build confidence, skill, and talents for its athletes through non-competitive activities so that they can gain the tools to meet their individual goals.

Volunteer During October to Help Bundle Prizes For the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk

Put gift bags together for the American Heart Association

The American Heart Association Heart Walk strives to raise money and awareness in an effort to save millions of Americans from heart disease. To assist with this worthy cause, the organization is looking for volunteers to bundle participant prize certificates and t-shirts into bags for the teams that have taken part in the event.

From October 7 through October 16, volunteers can stop by the American Heart Association at 5455 N. High Street in Columbus, OH to put these gift bags together. To RSVP, contact Meg Boley at (614) 396-4338 or via email at meg DOT boley AT heart DOT org. The organization is looking for volunteers between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., but if evening hours are better for those who are interested in participating, special accommodations may be made.

Each year, the American Heart Association Heart Walk helps to raise funds and awareness about cardiovascular health. Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in the United States, and congenital cardiovascular defects also cause the highest rate of infant death from birth defects. Those participating in the Heart Walk help to put an end to these devastating conditions so that more and more people can live a healthy and happy life.

Money raised from the event support a variety of important initiatives. They help to give doctors the most current research in the field of heart disease so that they can offer patients the best possible treatment and preventative measures. These donations also fund pioneering pediatric heart and stroke research as well as provide those most in need with life-saving information about eating right and what the critical warning signs of a heart attack are.

If you are able to stop by between October 7 and October 16 to help assemble participant gift bags, it would be greatly appreciated. It is a quick and easy way to support this important cause!

CheckSmart’s Bike Show on UT-186 Gives Back to the Community

Checksmart and Bikers Against Child Abuse
Bikes at the CheckSmart Bike Show Supporting Bikers Against Child Abuse
Bikes and Bikers at the CheckSmart Bike Show Supporting Bikers Against Child Abuse

CheckSmart recently held their first Bike Show on UT-186 in Salt Lake City. This successful event was a way for CheckSmart to give back to the community as well as educate the public about a new service: motorcycle title loans. In addition to getting the word out about motorcycle title loans, the event was also a way to raise money for Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA).

BACA brought along 15 bikes that participated in the show. Along with those who were a part of the show, many others stopped by the event to support a worthy cause. Attendees enjoyed free hot dogs and chips and had the chance to win prizes with our “Spin and Win Wheel”. All proceeds from the event, which totaled to $225, went directly to Bikers Against Child Abuse to help them achieve their mission.

Bikers Against Child Abuse was founded to assist children by creating a safer environment for those who are abused. The organization also strives to empower children to not fear the world around them. BACA works in conjunction with local and state officials to protect children from a variety of different negative situations.

The organization is designed so that a central contact person receives calls from either individuals or referring agencies. When an authorized agency that has been in contact with a child believes that they are still frightened by their environment, BACA is contacted. After a liaison verifies that a case is legitimate, parents or guardians are contacted and an initial ride is scheduled to meet the child at home or at another location.

The whole BACA chapter rides to meet the child in need, and they give the child a BACA vest as well as bumper stickers and other gifts. After this initial visit, the child receives the phone numbers of two BACA members they can call anytime they feel afraid and need reassurance.

All of our Utah CheckSmart locations would like to thank everyone who participated in the first Bike Show on UT-186 and helped to make it such a success.

Community Choice Financial Contributes to the Volunteers of America Helping Hands Campaign

VoA Helping Hands

Community Choice Financial was happy to contribute $140,000 to Volunteers of America in the Greater Ohio area this past year. This money will go to benefit not just the Greater Ohio Volunteers of America but also 12 other affiliates around the nation. The Helping Hands Campaign is an effort to reach out to the needy with shelters, food pantries, job training, counseling, and more. Community Choice Financial is proud to be able to raise and give to this charitable organization that offers a huge variety of services to those in need.

Volunteers of America is a non-profit organization that operates nationwide to provide services to the underprivileged. The organization offers thousands of human services programs, like healthcare and housing. The donation from Community Choice Financial Services will go to help over 16,000 people in the Greater Ohio area and around 2 million across the country. Volunteers of America was established in 1896. The organization is faith based and runs a ministry service that focuses on providing support to vulnerable groups like at-risk youth, senior citizens, those returning from incarceration, veterans, those with disabilities, and those recovering from addictions.

Community Choice Financial is proud to give back to the communities we serve. We offer alternative financial services to people without traditional banking services. We offer convenient options like consumer loans, title loans, check cashing, money transfer, bill payment and more. We also offer additional services like auto insurance, tax preparation, and motor vehicle registration. We operate a total of 433 stores in 14 states, including Utah, Kansas, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, and more. Community Choice Financial is based out of Dublin, Ohio.

At Community Choice Financial we are proud to contribute to Volunteers of America. The Volunteers of America organization is an invaluable asset to the communities they serve, and Community Choice is happy to give back this holiday season. If you are also interested in giving to Volunteers of America, whether it’s a donation of time or money, call 1-800-899-0089 today.

Cash & Go Gives Back To Community Members Of All Ages This Holiday Season

kid opening a gift

The Cash & Go team was proud to be part of a very special event at the end of last year that helped to raise money to buy goods and gifts for local families. From November 20th to December 10th, Cash & Go worked with the community to raise over $1,000 in donations. The event was a coalition effort with the Volunteers of America (VoA) of Oregon, an organization that works to provide vital services to the community, such as relief nurseries for children and work re-entry programs.

Thanks to the generous donations, the team was able to purchase a wide range of home supplies, food, and toys for families. The Cash & Go team made a specific effort to focus on gifts that revolved around arts and crafts, inspiring kids to be more creative. This allowed the kids to create their own gifts that they could then give to others. The team felt that “the holidays were not simply about buying presents, but creating and making gifts from the heart.”

Children were also given the chance to select a gift themselves from our gift table and have it wrapped by a volunteer. They were then encouraged to pick a “special someone” to give the gift to. The event taught children that it also feels good to give gifts and make other people happy. One little boy told us that “this was the best day ever!” Cash & Go also received a special thank you from VoA Service Manager, Nancy Lozo, for working hard to make the event a success.

A Special Lunch For Seniors

On December 18th we gathered with local seniors for a pleasant lunch during which we conversed, sang Christmas Carols, and even got to play a nice round of Bingo. Our team members Brenda and Jennifer won the round, along with their senior friends. It was a great time and we can’t wait to visit with them again!

A Big Thank You From Cash & Go

Without the generous support and involvement of the community, neither of these events would have been possible. Cash & Go extends a big thank you to everyone who was involved. It was a great blessing for us to be able to give back to the community, and we look forward to seeing everyone at more events in the future!